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ITLS 9th Edition Instructor Update

This program is intended for current ITLS Instructors who are seeking recertification and eligibility to teach the ITLS 9th edition Provider course. This program is mandatory for all instructors before they may teach from the 9th edition textbook.

Do not purchase this program if you are not a current ITLS instructor who needs to become updated to the material in the 9th edition textbook.

In addition to completing this ITLS 9th Edition Instructor Update program online, you must have completed the teaching requirements as set by your Chapter or Training Centre in order to be issued an ITLS Instructor Recertification card. If these requirements have not been met, a new card will not be issued.

If you have questions about whether you are eligible to renew your ITLS Instructor status by completing the 9th Edition Instructor Update, please contact your local Chapter or Training Centre for assistance before purchasing the program. Find contact information

Click the link below for full details and eligibility requirements for this program before you purchase.