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ITLS Instructor Course Online Component


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The ITLS Instructor Course Online Component is designed to train a better instructor and provide consistency in instructor training. It is a required step in the process of becoming a certified ITLS Instructor.

The Instructor Course Online Component is built on a foundation of adult education principles. It is composed of interactive modules with video examples to illustrate the course’s core teachings.

The Instructor Course Online Component includes 8 modules:

History & Organzation of ITLS
The Learning Environment
Learning Styles
Delivery Methods
Communication Styles
ITLS Skill Stations
Constructive Feedback
Student Evaluations

This continuing education activity is approved by the Continuing Education Coordinating Board for Emergency Medical Services (CECBEMS) for a maximum of 3.25 continuing education hours (CEH).

Eligibility and Requirements

Becoming an ITLS Instructor is a 4-part process. Completing the ITLS Instructor Course Online Component without fulfilling other requirements does not provide ITLS Instructor certification. To become a certified ITLS Instructor and receive your Instructor card, you must:

1.  Complete the ITLS Provider Course you want to teach and earn the Instructor Potential designation
2.  Complete the Instructor Course Online Component
3.  Complete the Instructor Course Classroom Component
4.  Complete the Instructor Monitoring Process

Read full details of each requirement

When you register and attend the Instructor Course Classroom Component, you will be required to show the following as proof of your status:

1.  Valid ITLS Provider card
2.  ITLS Instructor Course Online Component completion certificate
3.  Photo identification

Your Instructor Course Classroom Component coordinator will verify your Instructor Potential designation at the time of registration. Do not register for the Instructor Course Classroom Component if you have not achieved Instructor Potential on your ITLS Provider course.

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Please make sure you meet the criteria for becoming an ITLS Instructor before enrolling in the program. You must have completed the ITLS Provider Course and received Instructor Potential designation. Refunds will not be granted.

Price: $50.00